Kulturlandschaft Altmühltal

The Jura / Natural History

Historically seen, about 150 million years ago, Pappenheim was situated in the middle of an island-reef and lagoon area. In the sedimentary deposits of Jurassic fossils today you can find fossils of fish saurian, ammonites, corals, fish, insects, pterosaurian and a few originals of the famous Archeopteryx.

Kulturlandschaft Altmühltal
Kulturlandschaft Altmühltal

The cultural Altmühltal

The Altmühl is the slowest flowing river in Bavaria. Over the ages, it has washed its wounded bed deep into the chalk sediments of the Jura.

Through the centuries-long grazing on the rocky slopes, a specific flora and fauna has been able to develop.  Visitors will be taught the unique natural beauty and a high recreational value.

The landscape of the river Altmühl valley with its famous rock formations, can be explored in many ways. Whether on foot, by bike or by boat: In the Nature Altmühltal you're always on the pulse of nature.