The Historical Museum on the castle

At the former Arsenal, or even "Preißingerhaus is housed our museum.
Currently we present to you in addition to the accompanying exhibits to the Bavarian National Exhibition - several exhibition areas.

he one devoted to family history of the house Pappenheim, another part of the life of Field Marshal Gottfried Heinrich von Pappenheim, the outstanding son of the noble line of imperial officers.

That old warhorse, Pappenheim owes its proverbial fame, because he was the one, Friedrich von Schiller says about in Wallensteins Death: "I recognize my Pappenheim". This phrase is known all over the world.
Incidentally, he didn`t mean the impish behaviour of the „Pappenheimer“, but their bravery and proverbial reliability.

Fact is in any case, the old Field Marshal commanded one of the most troops in the 30 years war - the Pappenheim cavalry - which he initially led to the Catholic side from victory to victory. He unfortunately died in the battle of Lützen in 1632.