The castle of Pappenheim – Welcome to the Middle Ages

The castle of Pappenheim occupies a superb location overlooking the valley of the river Altmühl. The view, you can enjoy here on the top, alone is reason enough for your visit.

There are of course many other good reasons for a visit, because Pappenheim castle is not just any castle.

It is the master castle of the marshals and counts of Pappenheim. This “Reichsministerialengeschlecht” played an important role throughout the Middle Ages in the "Holy Roman Empire of the German nation", because the marshals had one of the most important offices of the emperor oak.

What you can feel about this today, goes far beyond mere story addition.

You will find a rare example of a castle with two yards -pre-and main castle, a huge dungeon, 3 ha of cultivated land and a total of 1.5 kilometers  medieval walls. You see a rich and lovingly inner with remarkable museums and exhibitions.


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