Castle Tour

The castle of Pappenheim conveys both directly: the rough, colossal breath of the Middle Ages, the smell of gunpowder and the clang of knights armor. Even the quiet and magical atmosphere of a large and sunken era.

In the old walls, you sometimes get caught in dreams, you look down from ivy-covered slits across the vast land and for children the adventure of their imagination starts when they see the torture chamber, or the vast square tournament.

The castle of Pappenheim is a castle level with two courtyards and because of the components donjon, palace, chapel, wall and gate a classic aristocratic castle. Pre-and main castle today are linked together by a strong stone bridge. In the later Middle Ages there was a drawbridge, which has ensured the safe withdrawal after taking the fore-prone.

In this context also must be mentioned the so-called „Kanonenweg“. It should protect the vulnerable, on the south-western side as part of the city walls.
Peel towers and walls harboured battlements and gun positions in two storeys.