The marshals

Since the Frankish king and emperor time, from 7 Century after Christ, you have to imagine a "royal" or later "imperial" as a mobile, sometimes huge retinue of human, animal and household. It moved around in "German and European lands or led war and moved to quarters in so called royal courtyards, which were distributed specially for this purpose over the country.

This company obviously had a need for large organization, that was done by the so-called “Reichsministerialen” - mostly from low nobility.They had almost inevitably, the central bodies of imperial power, there were: cup-bearer, Captain, Treasurer and Marshal.

The field marshals had to worry about in this context, especially to transport and trade, protecting the Jews, parades, the staging of the “Reichstag” and especially the affairs of the army system and warfare.

They also had the privilege of being at the coronation of the emperor to put the crown on his head. Over time, these offices were hereditary information. From time immemorial, all the royal and imperial marshals have been “Pappenheimer” throughout the Middle Ages.