Castle of Pappenheim - the beginnings

After celtic settlement, Roman Age and the victory of the frankish-roman troops over the Huns in the battle of the Catalaun Fields near Charlons 451 AD, the Franks (which means: fierce or free) invaded the Frankish region and defeated the Alamanni.

To sicure their claims they erected royal courts. One was located in Bieswang near Pappenheim. The administrators of this court, the so-called "Königsfreie" (liberi, ingenui) are probably the roots of the later imperial ministerials.

The castle's origins is lost in time. In the earliest documents of the period since Charlemagne, the name of Pappenheim can be found more often. The castle is likely to develop around a low tower. The first mention of the castle in verified records was in 1028, when it had been destroyed by Duke Ernst II of Swabia and King Konrad II.