Ellingen - pearl of Franconian Baroque

Do you love architecture – then you should visit Ellingen!

From 1216 to 1789 Ellingen was the seat of the commander of the “Deutscher Orden” in Franconia, which erected an impressive palace complex in Baroque style.

Also worth seeing ist the old town, who shows a rare conformity of style, making Ellingen one of the loveliest towns in Bavaria. The most interesting buildings are the mid-18th-century Rathaus (town hall) and the Pleinfelder Tor (Gate) from 1660.

Here's a little hint: Visit the magnificent palace garden, which has beautiful old trees of many kinds, under which there is a carpet of bluebells (lat. scilla) in spring.

But Ellingen has also a Roman history. You can experience the remains of “castellum Sablonetum”, which was built around the year 120 AD and was occupied until at least the beginning of the 3rd century.

Distance from Pappenheim: about 15 minutes by car