Do you love the wild?
One of the old Marshals of Pappenheim founded this Anger village. A rural Idyll with sheep and goats. On the top of the Jura heights between the romantic  Altmühl and the charming Schambach, you can find it: Geislohe.
Surrounded by high-rise, leafy woods, here you can enjoy the tranquility.

The first mention of Geislohe dates back to 1416, and the place name is derived from "Geißgehölz", a forest in which goats were driven to graze. This name must therefore have been coined from one of the old valley settlements such as Schambach. In addition, grazing and watering rights, church affiliation and the possession of meadows in the Ausmärk indicate Pappenheim as the place of origin of most colonists.
(Source: Pappenheimer Grafendörfer - Friedrich Eigler)