Boat tours on the Altmühl - the river of time

Whether young or old, whether families or groups, a boat tour on the Altmühl river is still an adventure. You move in the natural rhythm of the slowest flow of Bavaria. You drive over to rugged limestone and hanging willows along quiet water lilies and shores with reed vegetation.

One of the most beautiful boat tours goes from Zimmern to Solnhofen, which is the reference of the famous archaeopteryx. Behind Solnhofen you enjoy the sight of the unique rock formation "The Twelve Apostles", a scenic highlight of the Altmühl valley.

Down river in Esslingen, you can admire two typical representatives of Altmühl flora and fauna: the yellow-flowering swamp iris and the blue-winged demoiselle. A little further in Altendorf, massive dolomite rocks soar upwards in the valley. In their caves people lived 70,000 years ago. A beautiful resting and campground  you can find on the left at the Hammermühle.