Franconian food and drink

The Franconian Jura is known for the quality of its natural and meat products - Pappenheim's surroundings are characterised by large forest and agricultural areas. Lovers of forest fruits, smoked meats, game, river fish and lamb get their money's worth here.

The latter is particularly typical: "Altmühltaler Lamm". After all, the cultural landscape of the "dry grassland" around Pappenheim only came into being as a result of centuries of sheep grazing on the valley slopes.

Hearty and refined

Go on a culinary hunt. Stop in for a bite to eat. Look for the genuine. Check it out. The Franconians are a peculiar people. Once you've cracked their rough shell, it's easy to acquire a taste for them. Have fun with it!

Regional specialities:

-> Hechtbräu
-> Engeler Spirituosen & Damwild
-> Altmühltaler Lamm / Schäfer Neulinger
-> altmühlMarkt