The Monastery of Weltenburg and the Hall of Liberation

Here you find one of the most beautiful beer gardens of Bavaria, located in the courtyard of the baroque monastery of Weltenburg on the Danube! The best way to get there is to take a boat from Kelheim through the romantic Danube gorge where you pass such famous sights like Ludwig I`s Liberation Hall.

The Monastery of Weltenburg was founded by Iro-Scottish monks around 600 AD and therefore is one of the oldest monasteries in Bavaria. It is set on a spur of rock in the Danube cleverly intergrated into the river's sinous curve.

The grandiose abbey church, built and decorated by the architect brothers Asam, is a masterpiece of European baroque.

Already in his younger days the later King Ludwig I travelled along the Danube from Kelheim to Weltenberg. He decided to build there the impressive Hall of Liberation, situated on the Michelsberg near Kelheim. King Ludwig commissioned the construction to commemorate the victorious battles against Napoleon during the Wars of Liberation and unification of all German races.