Friendly accommodations await you in Osterdorf.
Here you can also take a look at the arduous everyday life of Franconian farmers. Idyllically situated on the Jura plateau, the magnificent deciduous forest in Osterdorf reaches almost to the front door and invites you to beautiful hikes and day trips.

In an area of about 400 x 80 m, there are about 80 "burrows" in the Treuchtlingen marble, six of which are in the form of shafts. While three of them have a width of 4-9 m and a depth of only 4-5 m, three others are almost circular with a diameter of 2-3 m and up to 20 m deep. Many of these shafts are surrounded by 30-120 cm high ramparts. These are so-called karst ores, which were formed by gradual dissolution of lime and were completely filled in by post-sagging clay, which contained abundant ground ores. During the later exploitation of these ore deposits, these geological organs were exposed.
(Source: Pappenheimer Grafendörfer - Friedrich Eigler)